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Chimney Weather Cap—This keeps birds and rodents out. It keeps rain and condensation from going down the chimney. It stops sparks and combustible material from becoming air-borne.

Chimney Crown—This is the cement slab on top of the chimney. It acts as a “roof” for the chimney and protects the bricks from damage from water and weather.

Chimney Flashing—This is the metal band around the chimney where it comes out of the roof. It functions to stop water intrusion from getting past the roof line and into the home.

Masonry—This is the brick and mortar. The brick and mortar make up the chimney.
The mortar is the “glue” that is between the bricks and holds the bricks together.

Chimney Flue—This is the “pipe” that the smoke, heat, gases and combustible material travel through when the fireplace is used. The flue needs to meet specific requirements to function.

Chimney Flue Tile—A clay chimney flue liner is made up of two-feet heigh sections called flue tile. These flue tile sections are stacked on top of each other and there’s mortar between each flue tile that’s the “glue” that holds the liner together. A chimney flue usually will have 10 or more of these flue tile sections.

Fireplace—This is the box where the fire is when the fireplace is used. The fireplace is not the chimney and the chimney is not the fireplace!

Damper—This is the little metal doorway that opens and closes. This doorway is a metal plate with a handle that is able to be opened and closed. The damper is opened to use the fireplace.

Liner—Another name for the “flue” or “flue liner” and that’s the passageway for the smoke and heat and fumes when the fireplace is used. Many liners are made out of very hard clay. More modern liners are made of stainless steel.

Smoke chamber—See the diagram. This is the part of the fireplace right above the damper and directly below the start of the flue liner. The smoke chamber acts to direct the smoke and heat and fumes into the liner system when the fireplace is used

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Top-Mounted Damper Caps

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Chimney Weather Protection

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